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Family: Colubridae

Subfamily: Colubrinae

Genus: Dryocalamus (Bridle Snakes)

Snake_Dryocalamus davisonii

Map_Thailand_67Picture: J. Bulian

Dryocalamus davisonii (Common Bridle Snake)

Thai: ThaiSnakeName-Dryocalamus davisonii (ngu plong chanuan india)

Size: 60 cm

To be found throughout Thailand, however more frequently in the north.

A nocturnal snake, which is to be found at ground level and in bushes and trees.

Danger: None

Snake_Dryocalamus subannulatus

Map_Thailand_55Picture: J. Bulian

Dryocalamus subannulatus (Malayan Bridle Snake)

Thai: ThaiSnakeName-Dryocalamus subannulatus (ngu plong chanuan malayu)

Size: 60 cm

In southern Thailand from 11-°latitude. Particularly common in the Nakhon Si Tammarat province.

A nocturnal snake which is to be found predominantly in trees. In addition, they live mainly in forests, but can also be found in the proximity of human settlements.

Danger: None

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