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Family: Colubridae

Subfamily: Colubrinae

Genus: Dendrelaphis (Bronzeback Snakes)

Snake_Dendrelaphis cyanochloris

Map_Thailand_77Picture: J. Bulian

Dendrelaphis cyanochloris (Blue Bronzeback Snake)

Thai: ThaiSnakeName-Dendrelaphis cyanochloris (ngu sai man fa kieo)

Length: Up to 133 cm

Distribution: Southern Thailand up to Phuket.

The Striped Bronzeback Snake is a quick, nervous snake. It lives in bushes and in the trees of hilly areas and can move just as quickly along a branch as on the ground. The snake is active during the day. It feeds on lizards and frogs.

Danger: None-

Snake_Dendrelaphis pictus

Map_Thailand_61Picture: J. Bulian

Dendrelaphis pictus (Common Bronzeback Snake)

Thai: ThaiSnakeName-Dendrelaphis pictus (ngu sai man pra intra)

Length: approx. 120 cm

Distribution: Whole of Thailand

The snake can be found in woods and on the agricultural lowlands. It is active during the day and at twilight. Its food is frogs and lizards. If threatened, this animal shows imposing defensive behaviour. It enlarges the surface area of the front of the body by flattening itself out to the sides.

Danger: None

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