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Family: Acrochordidae (Granular Snakes)

Genus: Acrochordus

Snake_Acrochordus javanicus

Map_Thailand_49Picture: J. Bulian

Acrochordus javanicus (Javan File Snake)

Thai: ThaiSnakeName-Acrochordus javanicus (ngu nuang schang)

Length: Male: up to 190cm, female: up to 290 cm

Distribution: In the coastal areas in the whole of Thailand.

Medium sized and larger snakes can live in salt, brackish, or fresh water. When small, the entire body of the snakes feel rough as if covered with grains of sand. They are easily confused with venomous sea snakes.

During the day the snakes hide themselves in the roots of trees located on the banks of bodies of water. At night the snakes enter the water to hunt, as its food consists predominantly of fish. The blood quantity of Acrochordus is twice as much as with other comparably large land snakes and contains a high proportion of red blood corpuscles. This enables the snakes to remain submerged in the water for long periods of time. Observations of acrochordus granulatus in this habitat have measured a period of 139 minutes spent under water. The females give birth to between 18 and 40 living young, which are between 60 and 290 mm long and weigh approximately 23 grams. There is little information about the reproductive behaviour of the java wart snake in nature or in captivity.

Danger: None. However they can bite strongly if aggravated.

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