Siam-Info - Thailand Information
Siam-Info, Information for expats living in Thailand  and learning thai language with ThaiTainer 111
Siam-Info, Information for expats living in Thailand  and learning thai language with ThaiTainer 111

Information for foreigners living in Thailand
as well as a presentation of the learning programs ThaiTrainer111 and ThaiNumbers. This Internet site is for foreigners living in Thailand, and/or those who intend to establish themselves here at some point, and therefore give easy access to information which can be difficult to find. The intention is not to present tourist topics as there are enough travel guides and internet sites which deal with this.

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News for foreigners living in Thailand
17.11.2014: State health insurance for uninsured foreigners has been cancelled
18.10.2014: New Calendar Thailand 2015/2558 [more]
29.11.2013: Free! An English-Thai housing/shop rental contract [more]
27.11.2013: Internet Update categorie: Radio/TV in Thailand [more]
08.10.2013: State health insurance for uninsured foreigners [more]
08.08.2012: Alcohol bans in vehicles and factories []
01.08.2012: Price reduction ThaiTrainer111 - NOW 49 €, previously 66,47 € [more]
11.10.2011: Thailand flood disaster [more]
02.09.2011: Visa-Forms available to download [more]
20.01.2011: Update categorie: Cost of Living in Thailand [more]
02.01.2011: Update categorie: Comparison of health insurances [more]
16.12.2010: Update categorie: Hospitals in Thailand [more]
18.12.2009: Google and WOT gives a Trojan warning for: [more]
18.06.2009: Free Tourist Visa for Thailand [more]
24.04.2009: Google online translation tool now with Thai language [more]
06.04.2009: Update categorie: Schools [more]
03.04.2009: New categorie: Car (Vehicles in Thailand) [more]
03.04.2009: New categorie: Emergency telephone Numbers in Thailand [more]
03.04.2009: New categorie: Social behaviour in Thailand [more]
05.11.2008: Bangkok Post: Swimmers warned of box jellyfish [more]
16.09.2008: Annual calendar 2009/2552 [more]
28.08.2008: The immigration office requires an address confirmation for the 90 day registration [more]
28.08.2008: Smoking bans expanded [more]
28.08.2008: New categorie: Bringing dogs and cats to Thailand [more]
11.08.2008: Government guarantees on bank deposits droped [more]
13.08.2007: The most frequent snakes in Thailand [more]
15.06.2007: Obligatory register of 10 000 Euro upon exit/entry of the EU [more]
01.01.2007: The EU has increased the exemption limit for imports free of customs duties [more]
19.09.2006: Change to the visa regulations [more]
25.05 2006: Indirect acquisition of land by foreigners using Company Ltd. is no longer possible [more]
25.05.2006: Presentation of Freeware Thai-Numbers learning program with voice response [more]
28.08.2005: Immigration police online forms available to download [more]
26.12.2004: Tsunami flood catastrophe
05.07.2004: Cheaper calls abroad (7 Baht per minute) [more]
11.11.2003: Thailand introduces “Ombudsman” [more]
05.10.2003: BUPA Blue Cross guarantees life long health insurance [more]
27.08.2003: Driving license for foreigners now also available with 5 year validity [more]
25.08.2002: Digital World Space Radio with AsiaStar [more]
15.01.2002: Points system for traffic offences introduced [more]
19.03.2001: Controls for firms with foreign shareholders [more]
30.09.2000: Teachers no longer allowed to strike [more]
30.09.2000: Note on compulsory registration [more]

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